Why Buy Mapletex®?

Mapletex® is a versatile, machinable, industrial quality building and fabrication material.

Mapletex® is widely used in the food service, food storage, manufacturing, construction, and electrical and electronics industries.

Our proprietary material is created by fusing resin impregnated paper sheets under high temperatures and pressure. This results in a highly durable and machinable material which is stain and bacteria-resistant. Mapletex® laminates are NSF listed and FDA approved in the USA and Canada.

Mapletex® is available in a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses, or our fabrication facility can provide finished products to your design specifications.



superior sanitation

easy to clean

resists stains, odors, and corrosion

food grade

NSF Listed

FDA Approved


highly durable

outlasts most flooring and work surface materials

resists acids and solvents

resists abrasion and general wear


cutting and routing

drilling and assembly

cleanly toolable


food service

cutting boards

pizza peels and cutters

serving and cutting trays

steam tables

building and construction

commercial and industrial flooring

laboratory tabletops

industrial shelving

high impact walls and wainscoting


caul boards

jigs and tools

materials handling equipment

work surfaces and tabletops

electrical and electronics

electrical insulation

circuit breakers and transformers

mounting blocks and circuit boards

electrical panels and switchboards